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Fix for a dropped Canon EF 50mm 1.8f

In my latest trip, during a long exposure shooting, a very nasty wind dropped my 60D to the ground. The damage was… hard to grasp1 (as you may imagine):

  • The camera got scratched2 on the front.
  • The lens hood, imploded.
  • The lens, exploded.

So, after I got home I did what every tinkerer has the obligation to do: Tried to fix the lens myself.

After googling for a bit, I found Dave’s blog, linking to a very handy file from Yosuke Bando that shows how to disassemble the lens.

The file is mirrored here.

I grabbed my tools3 and… well, the results are amazing! The lens came back to life and I’m a happy camper4.

  1. According to @_everaldo, war marks on cameras are cool. Way too painful for me, for now. 

  2. Deeply. Oh the pain. 

  3. Not you, Xcode. 

  4. With a scarred camera. You can’t win everything :)