I am an American/Brazilian Entrepreneur, scuba diver, musician, (almost) photographer and wannabe pilot living in Los Angeles with my amazing family.

Over the past 25 years, I have built and grew several high performance Product and Engineering teams. I have also designed, developed and managed several applications, both for the backend (high performance servers) as for the frontend (desktop, mobile and web).

During the day, I help companies optimize their teams and plan their growth, increasing market share and revenue. I fully believe that profitable products come from inspired, focused teams.

I worked with several top-notch designers during my career and that gave me an unique sense of how the user perceives what is on screen.

Currently, I’m working the amazing people at Basis Set Ventures, helping them identify and fund amazing companies.

During the night and most weekends, I’m serving as CTO at Bitpoem Inc., building delightful software with Objective-C, Swift, Python, Go or C++. Rust can also be seen sometimes.

If you want to talk, say hi on Twitter or via e-mail.